Digital Ticket Guide


Resell Tickets

Resell Tickets


Step 1

Log into AccountManager at
Click on the 'manage my tickets' button. 

Step 3

Click the 'Sell Tickets' button.
Select the seats you wish to print. 

Click the black 'print' button in the upper right corner

Step 5

Within minutes your tickets will be posted on the Miami Open Verified TicketExchange. If the ticket is sold, your account will either be credited with the amount paid out or you will receive an electronic deposit, depending on the method you selected. At this point, the original ticket will no longer be valid. Tickets will be sent electronically to the ticket buyer. 

Step 2

Click on the session you wish to print your ticket for. 

Step 4

On the final screen, you will be prompted to select the pricing method, payout amount, the details of the seat and the method in which you wish to receive payment.

Complete this information and click 'continue'.