Digital Ticket Guide


How do I access my Account Manager to view my tickets digitally?

Go online to After logging in with your email you will find your tickets listed and also any outstanding invoices that are due. If this is your first time accessing your account since August 15, 2016, you will need to obtain a new password to proceed. Please click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ below the ‘Log In’ box and a temporary password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

How do I resell my tickets through Miami Open?

Resell your tickets by the click of a button through your Miami Open AccountManager. See resell tickets for instructions.

How do I share my tickets?

Transfer your tickets electronically via email through your Miami Open AccountManager. See transfer tickets for instructions.

Can I print, transfer or sell only some of the tickets?

Yes. Once you have selected the correct sessions, simply check the box next to the seat that you would like to sell, transfer or print and continue through the process. Once your tickets have been posted, transferred or printed, that information will show up next to your seats for the selected session in your account.

What if I do not have a printer or forget the tickets at home?

Your tickets can be downloaded to a mobile device from your Miami Open AccountManager. We will be able to scan this ticket directly from your phone. See download tickets for instructions.